Jesus is God: Proof

Biblical Proof for the Full Divinity of Jesus Christ

Liar, lunatic, devil…or Lord!

From what Jesus said and did and from what the Bible says about Him, Jesus cannot simply be a good man, a prophet or teacher. Look at the evidence yourself! Your eternity depends on it!

The Five Biblical Proof Categories are:

  1. Jesus Accepts the Worship of People on Earth
  2. Jesus Is Worshipped by Angels and Elders in Heaven
  3. Jesus Is Actually Called God in the Bible
  4. Jesus Claims God the Father’s Attributes, Functions, and Titles
  5. Jesus Spoke As If He Is God

Please examine what the Bible says about Jesus in the languages below.

Each language version can be downloaded for free in two formats: A letter-size document or a booklet.

Jesus Loves the Phillipines